Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mashup Creative Project

Creative Mashup Project

This is a parody of beauty and make-up adverts. At the same time, the work makes use of irony because it is advertising the exact opposite of what normal beauty adverts do. The intention is to expose the vanity of modern beauty adverts - they are fake, with layer and layers of make-up plus digital enhancements. The work encourages natural beauty.

The first appropriated work is the stock photo of the woman (left).
I found it on DeviantArt - with her permission to use it non-commercially under certain conditions.
The photo is of MissSouls-stock, taken by Paul Von Wolfsburg, and here is the link:
In turn I sent her a link to my work, encouraging the creative process.
To the right is the unedited version of the cropped stock photo.
I used photoshop's brushes and techniques to edit and digitally enhance the left side of the face, and to insert the text.

 The second appropriated work is a stock photo of a brush (right).
To the left is the original brush pasted next to the brush I had edited. The edited brush does not look much like the original brush anymore. Considering that the original brush is just a stock image and not really recognizable in the second image, I consider it fair use.