Sunday, April 26, 2015

Creative Project Proposal

Boy With Apple

The painting 'Boy With Apple' appears in the film 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. It is a valuable masterpiece by the fictional Van Hoytl, which Madame D leaves to Gustave H.

For my creative project I want to design a game. The software I'll be using is Alice 3.0. The newest version of Alice is able to export the code to Java script so it might be more accessible, whilst earlier versions could only be shared amongst the Alice community via project files. I haven't used Alice before but I'd like to try and see how it works. 

I joined the Alice community forum and some of the other people were able to help me. 

The design of the game is as follows:
Character: Zero, the lobby boy
Setting: Library in Madame D's mansion
Goal: To paint a painting to put in place of Boy With Apple in order to cover up that Gustave H took the painting
Obstacles: The paintbrush in the room is missing

I have worked on a basic design of the setting on Alice 3.0:
Alice 3.0 uses some of the graphics from the Sims 2 game. 

Here is a draft algorithm of the game:

Distribution: I will share the game with other members of the Alice community, and if I can manage to export the game via Java script I might be able to share it amongst Grand Budapest fans. 

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