Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The 2 Screen Experience

We watched The Voice live yesterday night in support of the Traverse City singer, Joshua Davis. The goal was to watch the live show and live tweet at the same time - for a 2 screen experience.

I did not enjoy the tweeting at all. I don't normally have a twitter account and made one for this assignment. I'm not a person that has something to say about every little thing that happens in life. I say something when it's significant and when it'll be useful to the other person listening. Blabbering about what I think of tonight's The Voice episode is insignificant - it would just be one other opinion out of 1 million others. The singers were all pretty good and each has their own unique style - who am I to judge?

I like a solitary viewing experience because I want to be immersed and invested in what I am seeing - intellectually and emotionally. I found the tweeting very distracting. If I really think a song is very meaningful, I'm not going to interrupt and miss out on the moment to tweet 'This song is sooo meaningful'.

Though, it was a learning experience. I had never used twitter before and now I got to see how it works. I was also able to feel what it feels like to have the 2 screen experience - even though I didn't find it that pleasant. I know that not all people are like me and some people really enjoy the two screen experience, and I will respect that. I also know that as an artist I may one day have fans that would want to communicate through social media.

Quite ironically, Brian Johnson, one of the singers, sent me a thank you today for tweeting about his performance.

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